Alcide is looking for a family to spend the restof his life with. He enjoys walks, jogging, hikes. He also loves to chill and enjoys a good snuggle on the couch. He would enjoy another dog his size in the home to play with but is fine by himself if he is exercised. He isn't fond of cats or squirrels. Alicde is house trained, walks well on leash, rides well in the car.
Bryson is new to rescue and we are getting to know him.
Chowy is 10 - 12 years young but someone forgot to tell him. He has a lot of pep in his step. He really enjoys his walks and can keep a good pace. He loves car rides and sits upright looking out the window for the whole ride just taking the world in. He is house trained, knows how to use a dog door, good with dogs, good with people. He isn't keen on cats though. He got a clean bill of health at his vet check.
Rocky is as loyal, smart and fun as they come! He is the perfect age at 3 years old. He’s old enough that he has been house trained and crate trained, knows all his basic commands and loves to cuddle on the couch. However, he’s also still young enough that’s he’s up for almost any adventure: going for walks, riding in the car, hiking, playing fetch, chasing laser pointers (yes, he’s a dog, not a cat), playing in the water and running around the yard with his four-legged foster siblings. He would do best with a fenced in yard where has has plenty of space to run and play. Rocky loves people, he will become quick friends with anyone who is willing to give him a treat or a belly rub. He has the best personality and makes his foster parents laugh at his goofiness on a daily basis. One note about Rocky is he can be protective of his food bowl with dogs but with structured, separated feeding and reinforcement of his training he does just fine sharing a house with two other dogs his size and larger. He does show interest in chasing squirrels so no cats for this boy. Rocky is fiercely loyal, he follows his foster parents all around the house, wants to lay near them all the time and will do anything to be told he is a good boy by his humans.
Emma and Sophie are pending adoption.
Sebastian is around 4 years old and 87 lbs. He has a very gentle spirit. He is great with everyone he meets. Good with dogs and tolerant of cats. He loves to play ball, in fact a little obsessed with it. He is house trained. Great in the car. Loves to go walking, hiking. He would enjoy a fully fenced yard as he likes to spend his time outside whenever possible. He also likes to be involved in whatever his human is doing.
Antonia is 18 months old and still very much a puppy at heart. She is a sweet girl but a very busy girl. She loves other dogs and wants to play with them all day. She is afraid of loud noises and thunderstorms. We are working on helping her with this. She is crate trained and house trained. We do not suggest small children due to her puppy playfulness. She would enjoy an active family that has time to spend with her to help her be the best dog she can be.
Tuffy has a big personality and enjoys lilfe. He was underweight and basically hairless when he came into rescue. He has now gained weight, currently 97 lbs, and his hair is growing back nicely. He loves to play fetch, loves to run, loves chew toys. He is a strong boy and knows some of his basic commands. He loves to go hiking and loves the water. He is potty trained and knows how to use a dog door. Good with dogs, no cats or free range chickens. He would love a family that includes him on their adventures and a fenced back yard to play fetch.