Bistro is 9 months old and weighs 54lbs. Bistro is a smart pup who knows his basic commands. He is very treat motivated and eager to please, so is fun to train. Bistro is an active dog so needs a good walk, hike or run daily. He enjoys playing with other dogs but can be a pest at times so a younger dog would be an ideal playmate. Bistro is kid friendly but due to his higher energy is best suited to older children. He loves to play fetch and play at the river. Bistro is crate trained, house trained, and knows how to use a dog door. After a fun day of playing he enjoys snuggling when he is tired.
Memphis has a great fun-loving personality, she is very friendly and she loves to play. She is dog friendly but likes to chase cats and birds. Memphis will follow you everywhere around the house and is a great cuddler. She bonds quickly with her people and is grateful to be loved and eager to please. She loves walks and does well on leash. She insists on making friends with every stranger and dog she meets. She loves to play with toys and will happily chase tennis balls around the yard. She knows her basic commands and is especially good at sitting for her food and to go outside. Memphis would love a large yard to run around and play in. She rides quietly in the car and loves to look out the window. Memphis is crate trained. She would do well in a home with another dog or as an only dog as she loves to play and get attention. She does need her daily walks so a person who enjoys walking or hiking would be great. She is best suited to older children due to her boisterous play style. She weighs 53lbs.
Adoption pending.
Simba is a big, goofy, fun loving guy. He loves to hike by the river and take a swim. He enjoys following his human all around the house, including the bathroom if you forget to close the door. He is happy to join you on your adventures or just chew on a bone if you're busy on your computer. Simba is good with strangers and kids. He doesn't care for cats and will chase squirrels in the yard. Simba knows his basic commands but can be a tad stubborn at times. Simba is very in tune to peoples feelings and if he senses you are sad or troubled he will come and put his head on your knee. His favorite word is "treat" and he will sit nicely for one. He is house trained and crate trained.
Not available, pending adoption.
Aggie has arrived to rescue and is receiving medical care at this time.
Bindi just arrived to the rescue and we are getting to know her.