Save a life - become a foster care provider

Take Me Home Dog Rescue is a foster based program. Unfortunately, many adoptable dogs run out of time in shelters and are euthanized. We can only rescue as many dogs as we have foster homes for. 

We cannot save a life without you! So fill in a foster application now!


How the program works.

When you consider fostering for us, we will need to learn more about you. We will discuss your experience with dogs, what type of animals you already have, and your lifestyle. This will help us decide what type of dog you feel most comfortable with fostering, and which dog would suit you and your lifestyle.

Take Me Home Dog Rescue will select a dog that is in need of rescue from a shelter, dog impound, or animal control agency. The dog will then be transported to a veterinarian for a full exam, vaccinations, spay or neuter, micro-chipping, testing and treatment for any disease or parasites as needed.

The next step would be to transfer the dog to you with any needed supplies, such as food, feeding bowls, crates, etc.

Your Responsibilities.

When you foster a dog for Take Me Home Dog Rescue we ask the following from you.

  • You treat the dog with love and patience. Provide it with access to clean water, wholesome food, take it outside to eliminate regularly, and give it a safe, nurturing environment.
  • Work on basic house manners, walking nicely on a leash, and basic commands to build the dogs confidence, and make it more adoptable.
  • Provide regular feedback to the rescue regarding the foster dog's personality, any problems or concerns that you may have. Updates on the foster dog's progress.
  • Work with the rescue to have the dog available to meet potential adopters.

Our Commitment to you.

  • Be available for any questions you might have, and answer them in a timely fashion.
  • Give you the tools and knowledge to make your foster experience successful.

What you get from fostering.

You will get the satisfaction of knowing you saved not one life, but two. By taking the dog from the shelter, you saved its life, and you also provided needed space for another dog to have a chance at being adopted. You will know the impact you have had when your foster dog looks at you in that special way, and you know they are saying "thank you for loving me, and saving my life".