If you are ready to make one of our adoptable dogs a part of your family please fill out an adoption application.

Our dogs are in foster homes and we require an adoption application be on file before meeting our dogs.

Once the application is submitted you will receive an automatic confirmation from the website that it was submitted successfully. Someone will contact you from the rescue usually within 4 business days from your application being received. We will contact your references, perform a background check, do a home check and set up a meet and greet with the dog if you are a good match.

We do not adopt to the “first” application received for a dog, but to the “best fit” for the dog being applied for.

We strive to match each dog to the home that will best suit its unique personality and needs. For instance, not all dogs do well with children. The ones that don’t would therefore not be placed in a home with kids. By carefully screening not only the applicants but the dogs as well, we hope to achieve the best possible match so that both the dog and the family will enjoy a happy future together.

The dog you are interested in may not be a good match for your situation. Also understand that many times, we receive multiple applications for each dog. We then place the dog in the home that best matches its personality and preferences. 

This means we sometimes meet multiple potential adopters to find the right fit for the dog.

All other dogs in your home must be spayed/neutered to be considered for adoption.

Our adoption fees are:

Puppies up to 12 months $250

13 months to 7 years $220

7- 10 years $200

Over 10 years $100

Fees waived for senior citizen adopting a dog over 10 years old.

Some fees may vary depending upon how much medical funding we needed to use to make a dog adoptable.

All our dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before adoption.

The fees are to help cover our costs for the dog. On average a neuter is up to $280 (dependent on size), spay $280 – $380, vaccines $90+ with exam (puppies require 3 rounds of vaccines), microchip $40, other miscellaneous vet fees, food. Some dogs also require medical attention on arrival and those fees vary greatly and can run over $1,000.

All fees collected go towards saving the next dog.