We would say Bruno is the life of the party but his superpower is being able to nap anywhere at anytime. Bruno is such a funny and smart guy, and he is guaranteed to make you smile. Besides naps, he loves walks, balls, ropes, and to follow his human everywhere. He dislikes being ignored, squirrels/cats, not being able to say hi to anything that breathes, and vacuums. If turkeys could howl, that'd be the noise Bruno makes when he sees others on his walks. It definitely turns heads. While he enjoys his chiweenie foster sister, he loves getting all the attention. Bruno really didn't like being left alone when he first arrived to the rescue. With medication and routine he has thrived and he is comfortable chewing on his kong or napping in his crate until his foster Mom comes home from work. Bruno's ideal family would be retired, work from home, or works part time so he doesn't have to spend all day alone. His family should also enjoy a dog who likes to show affection as Bruno is quite the snuggle bug, and they should enjoy walks as much as he does. Bruno is 6 years old and weighs 60lbs. He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
Goji has a real zest for life. She loves meeting people and showing them how happy she is. Zoomies around the yard is one of her favorite things to do first thing in the morning. If you want a dog that cleans up after you, then Goji is your girl. If you leave your underwear, socks, T Shirt on the floor Goji is sure to pick it up and take it to her dog bed for safe keeping! She enjoys a nice leisurely walk by the river or up in the hills. She is cordial to everyone she meets and will gladly sit by your side while you chat with friends. She prefers to assess another dogs intentions before she becomes a BFF. If she thinks they are cool then let the playtime begin. Goji enjoys hanging out with her person and chewing on her bones. She makes a good buddy to watch movies with. She is good about sleeping quietly on her dog bed at night and waiting patiently for you to wake up. Goji is up to date on vaccinations, spayed, and microchipped. She is 5 years old and weighs around 52lbs
If you want a dog that is so happy when she wakes up in the morning then Ruby is for you! She wiggles her butt, runs and gets her favorite toy, and proceeds to throw it in the air likes she is saying yipee, I'm alive and its a beautiful day! Ruby is such a good girl. She loves being with her person, is very obedient, and just an all around nice dog. She is dog friendly and people friendly, but she will bark if a stranger walks in the house. As soon as she knows they are invited guests she will wiggle her butt and greet them. Ruby loves to play with other dogs, but she can get a little jealous for attention from her human if the other dogs are getting petted. She loves chew toys, and if you are busy working from home, she is content to lay at your feet chewing on her toys. Ruby recently had hip surgery for dysplasia but is all healed up now. Her ideal home will be active but not crazy busy, with a couple of shorter walks a day. Ruby would prefer a home with no younger children as they make her nervous. Ruby would also like a home where she will get lots of snuggles, as that is her favorite thing to do. Ruby is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. She is house trained and crate trained. Walks nicely on leash. Loves to ride in the car. She is around 20 months old.
Arnold is a very happy go lucky guy. He loves playing with toys and a good game of tug of war. Arnold is a lot of fun to play ball with, watching him clumsily chase the ball will put a smile on anyone’s face. He always wants to be where the action is but also enjoys settling in for naps and cuddles. Arnold is just starting to learn how to walk on leash but is doing a great job so far and loves going for walks. He’s very curious and friendly, he likes to explore and make new friends. Arnold gets along great with other dogs but would also do well as an only dog as he loves to be the center of attention. Arnold knows basic commands such as sit and shake, and is very food motivated for further training. He is fully potty trained and crate trained. Arnold met the cat at the vet office. He was interested in it, sniffed it, and for the most part ignored it. He did not show any aggression. Arnold is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped. He weighs 52lbs.
Daphne is quite the character. She is smart, slightly stubborn and loves treats. Daphne has been through a lot in her 6 years. She spent her life on a chain with no access to food or water. Probably related to this is why she now suffers from IVDD. She has slight weakness in her left rear leg, and when she is tired you can hear the foot drag slightly. She is also not very tolerant of other dogs, until she knows them and realizes they are not going to hurt her. She has met cats and done well with them. Her ideal home would be quieter, with a large yard, or land to run around in. Preferably a single story home. She would love to spend the rest of her life loving on her owners, following them around, and free time in the yard. She is great with all people and is not a barker. She enjoys car rides and having her hair brushed. A simple life is what she would like, just being loved.
Sam is a handsome guy who has one blue eye and one brown eye which makes him look like he is winking at you. He is a smart boy who will win your heart when you meet him. Sam is around a year old. He is potty trained and does know how to use the doggy door. He is not crate trained. Sam continues to work on his leash skills. He doesn’t pull, he just likes to stop and smell everything. He is working on a few basic commands like sit and stay. He is very treat motivated which helps to get his attention. He very good at the command “come". He does great with other dogs and LOVES to play. He does need a proper introduction to cats. He would do better in a home without toddlers since he is an active dog. He does well in a car. Sam would make a great hiking or running partner.
Margeaux is under medical care and will not be ready for adoption until April.
Echo just arrived to rescue and is not available for adoption. He is under medical care. We will update when he is available.