Ginger is a petite 14 month old weighing just 41lbs. She has such a sweet personality and is ready to bond with her forever human. Ginger can be a little shy is new situations, but is very curious, and quickly becomes comfortable. She loves to learn new things and is very treat motivated. She already knows sit, down, wait and come. Ginger loves to play with the other two dogs in her foster home. Her favorite thing is to take a toy and try to make them chase her. She would love to have another playful dog in her forever home. Ginger is respectful of the cat in her foster home and could live with a dog savvy cat. Ginger enjoys her daily walks and would love to have a human who loves to walk as well. She would make a great hiking buddy. She loves to start her day off with a nice walk and she is very well mannered on leash. After her walk she loves to run and play in the yard. Once she is done, she loves a refreshing nap. Ginger is a quiet dog and we have never heard her bark. She loves to show affection and would enjoy a human who wants to cuddle. Gingers ideal home would have a nice fenced back yard to play in. Another dog would be a bonus. A human who enjoys adventures but also likes down time bonding with their dog. Someone who knows the importance of continued training.
Ruby is a fun loving gal. She loves to play fetch and playing with all her toys. She loves to run around with her dog friends. Above all she loves to snuggle with her human. She is a very intelligent dog who knows all her commands. She is very obedient. Always a good girl when left alone in the home. She enjoys her daily walks and rides great in the car. She has been in boarding and does well and is great with all dogs in playgroup. Ruby is good when getting a bath and will sit quietly to have her nails trimmed or dremmeled. She loves getting treats and is very gentle taking them. She is great going to see the vet as she loves all the cuddles she gets from the staff. She isn't fond of cats. She enjoys making her human feel like the most loved human on earth by snuggling close. She would enjoy a fenced back yard where she can run around, but also lay in the sun. Ruby enjoys being active but she is also content to just hang out. She enjoys watching T.V. with her human. Her favorite show to watch is On Patrol Live, especially when the police K9 is on screen. She lives with two other dogs in her foster home but would prefer to be your one and only with lots of dog friends to have playdates with. She enjoys playing with her foster siblings, however she likes to be the center of attention. She can share her humans affection with other dogs, but she would prefer not to have to. Ruby is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She knows how to use a dog door. Weighs 48lbs. No young children.
Meet Bruno! Bruno is one of the sweetest dogs you could meet. He is 8 years old and in good health. Bruno would be ideal for a retired person who enjoys going for a walk or playing fetch in the yard. He would also do well with a person that works from home. He will follow his person everywhere, and he loves to snuggle. He walks well on leash and knows his basic commands. He rides well in the car and will sit quietly on the back seat. He is good with children and has lived with dogs in the past. He prefers low energy dogs like himself. He doesn't do well with cats. He loves meeting people. He enjoys lying in the sun. Bruno likes to take naps. When he does he snores...loudly! If this will bother you while trying to watch your favorite T.V. show then Bruno is not the dog for you. He does have separation anxiety and takes Fluoxetine daily. The rescue will supply the medication. Bruno doesn't like being left alone and will cry at first and then drool if not given his medication. This is one of the reasons he needs a family who is home most of the time or will include him when they go out. He is crate trained and does best crated if left alone. Bruno is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
Goji is 5 years old with a medium energy level. She is a happy girl who enjoys being with her human. She loves to collect articles of clothing lying around and hiding them in her dog bed for safe keeping. She enjoys her walks and riding in the car. Goji is scared of large dogs and does better with dogs her size or smaller. She would not enjoy off leash dog parks. In her ideal home she would be an only dog, but could live with a mellow dog her size with the proper introduction. She enjoys long walks. She loves to make her human feel loved. She is good with children. She would enjoy a fenced back yard for her zoomies. She is house trained. No cats. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. She is available for foster, foster to adopt, or adoption.
Brandy has been in her foster home for a couple of weeks now and we wanted to post an update. This is what her foster Dad says about her: Brandy is a sweet, well-behaved dog. She loves her daily walks, treats, and sleeping. When someone puts on a coat, or she hears keys jingling, Brandy runs to the door and becomes visibly excited about the possibility of a walk. We do morning and afternoon walks, 15-20 minutes each. She likes to walk at a brisk pace. When we encounter pedestrians, other leashed dogs, or the occasional cat or squirrel, she acts predictably and non-aggressively, expressing interest, but not straining hard at the leash or barking. We give her small treats as rewards for good behavior, and she's a very eager snacker; she'll sniff at anything hinting of food, and will put her paws up on a counter if not supervised; that's her only behavior that I'd work to change. At meal time she becomes very excited, but a couple of, "Sit, stay" commands and she'll wait for her bowl to be put down before digging in. Brandy's a sound sleeper, remaining quiet throughout the night, and often "sleeping in" until the morning walk. When friends or family come over, she's eager to meet and seek affection from them, but she's not a pest. When we leave her alone in the house, she goes in her crate without issue, usually requiring only a "Load-up Brandy . . . load-up" command. Brandy is a good dog. Please share this girl with your friends. She has been waiting over a year to find a family of her own. We are excited that she finally found a foster home, but a lifetime family of her own is what she really needs. Brandy is about 57lbs and 3-4 years old. Spayed, vaccinated and microchipped. Potty trained. Good in the house. Rides great in the car. She doesn't like cats. She is good with dogs her size and larger once she gets to know them. She prefers low key dogs like herself. She is content to hang out with dogs, but prefers to only play with those that she knows well. She is good with kids.
Peanut is not available at this time as she is scheduled for surgery.
Mackey is looking for a foster to adopt home. Mackey is 2 years old, dog and people friendly. He is potty trained. He is currently in board and train brushing up on his basic commands.
Not available. Adoption pending.
Rascal is not available at this time. He is in a foster to adopt home.